What to Expect



  1. Profile: Age-wise, we have a good mix of all age groups. Sunday morning attendance is usually between 50-75 people. Dress tends toward relaxed, though you will see everything from shorts to suits! All are welcome! 
  2. Music: The music we sing at FBC is a blend of old and new. We love the doctrinally-rich hymns but we also enjoy singing new songs to the Lord.  
  3. 10am: Sunday School for all ages. It's not just for the kids! For grades K-5th, we are currently using Answers in Genesis Bible Curriculum that thoroughly equips believers to defend the truth of the Bible. It is a full-featured, chronological, 3-year program. For grades 6-12 we offer 13 week bible courses on all sorts of different subjects. The same is true regarding our adult Sunday School class. 
  4. 11am: Morning Worship Service. This includes music that directs our praise to God, Scripture reading which unites our hearts in purpose, prayer which directs our thoughts to God, sharing of the ordinances of baptism and communion and verse by verse preaching of the Scriptures. We offer nursery for ages 0-2 and children's church for ages 3 through 3rd grade.