Ladies Luncheon also meets every third Monday of the month at noon at the local Pizza Hut. This is a great time of fellowship and a good opportunity to invite non-Christian women to meet members of our church body. 

Growth Groups exist for the purpose of growth in godliness. We recognize that we don't have it all together but we know the God who does. We recognize that godliness doesn't happen in a vacuum. We need each other so we come together each week to study God's Word, pray, challenge one another, and grow spiritually together. We also exist as a way to serve one another and the community in which we live. 
Join a group today and start growing in Christ with us! 

Foundations of Biblical Counseling and Foundations For Your Faith. This is our mandatory training for those who are in leadership and/or teaching positions within the church. It trains leaders in biblical theology, biblical counseling and practical everyday applications to one's life.