Recommended Links

Disclaimer: The following links contain resources that may be helpful to your walk with the Lord. The mere listing of a website does not indicate full agreement with everything an individual or ministry may teach or believe. Always measure everything by Scripture.


  • Answers in Genesis - Ministry dedicated to defending the Genesis creation account and refuting evolution. 
  • Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - Ministry dedicated to clarifying and defending the God-designed roles of men and women in the home and church. 
  • Ligonier Ministries - The resource ministry of R.C. Sproul, an evangelical theologian and apologist. 
  • - A ministry that shares thousands of free bible study tools and resources. 

Biblical Counseling


Congregational Health

  • 9 Marks Ministries - A ministry dedicated to encouraging church health; excellent articles and free downloads. 
  • The Gospel Coalition - A network of Gospel-centered evangelical churches; also includes numerous good Bible study materials, sermons and blogs. 
  • For the Church - This ministry exists to engage, encourage, and equip the church with gospel-centered resources that are pastoral, practical and devotional.


Spiritual Growth

Bible Study
  • The John MacArthur Sermon Archive - All of John Macarthur's sermons online for free both in audio and transcript form. Also topical Q&A. 
  • - This website provides a number of helpful study tools for free—including commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and lexicons. 
  • Online CommentariesThough the majority of these commentaries are older (which is why they are now in the public domain), they still represent a wealth of insightful information about the biblical text.
  • - Not only can you do Bible searching but it is home to the online edition of the IVP commentaries. 
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Librarythe Christian Classics Ethereal Library is undoubtedly the largest collection of historic Christian resources on the web. If you're looking for something from the church fathers, or Augustine, or Aquinas, or Calvin, or the Puritans, CCEL is usually the first place I look.
  • Bible.orgThis site houses an expansive array of articles, organized by both topic and by book of the Bible. Contributors include well-known scholars like Daniel Wallace, Kenneth Boa, Darrel Bock, Eugene Merrill, and John Walvoord. (The site’s connection to Dallas Theological Seminary is no secret.) Also, this site is the home of the NET Bible, which is notable because of the translation notes that accompany the text.
  • Monergism.comThis site is somewhat similar, though from a more Reformed perspective. Also, it serves largely as a topic-based portal—directing visitors to helpful articles on a wide array of subjects. The site includes an excellent database of sermon manuscripts, making it especially helpful for Bible study.
  • Step Bible - A great resource that includes many Bibles, commentaries, and word study tools.
  • BibleBB - Sermons and articles for your spiritual edification 
  • Gospel Gems - Audio CD's and MP3's or great sermons of the past