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  • Dec29Tue

    Bible Reading Plans for 2016

    December 29, 2015
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    2016 is knocking on the door. As you consider the upcoming year, it is important to take time to do an honest evaluation of your past year. How much Bible reading did you accomplish? Do you have any way of tracking it? There are lots of options for Bible reading plans that vary from reading 10 chapters a day to just one a day and somewhere in-between. Some even have "catch up days" written into the schedule. Other plans are organized in such a fashion that you can read:
    • Beginning to end - Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
    • Historical - Read through the Bible as they were written historically
    • Chronological - Read the Bible as the events occurred in real time
    • Old and New - Each day includes a passage from both the Old and New Testament
    In the end, whichever one you choose, make sure you avoid reading out of formality and carelessly. Remember, reading the Bible is about knowing God and growing to love Him in a more intimate manner each day. If you’re merely reading words on a page rather than seeing and experiencing God from the Bible, you’re missing the point.  God isn’t going to grade us on our percentage of Bible reading at the end of the year.  However, a disorganized reading plan will likewise minimize spiritual growth, and that’s one thing we seek to avoid in choosing a good plan.  God wants His children to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him.  What better way to accomplish this than by a good systematic Bible reading plan.

    Follow this link to read some interesting FAQ about Bible reading. It also has a number of Bible reading plans you can print out. Some of the FAQ are:
    • How long does it take to read through the entire Bible in a year?
    • Does the Bible ever command us to read the whole Bible in a year?
    • Despite our good intentions, why don't more Christians read the Bible in a year?
    • What are some helps for reading the Bible in a year?
    • What are some online Bible reading plans?
    • What are the best options for listening to the Bible?
    • What are some resources to help me understand the storyline of Scripture and how to read Scripture well?
    • Any books to help children catch the biblical storyline?

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