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  • Nov10Fri

    What thoughts come to your mind when you hear the words, "Church Business Meeting"?

    A personal word of encouragement from pastor Andrew Manwarren November 10, 2017
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    strategic planning

    Dear Church Family,

    Lots of pastors’ (and church members!) dread member’s meetings. And who can blame them! I recently read an article titled, “Ten Really Strange Things That Happened At Church Business Meetings.” And they are strange. Some of the things included: a dead body in a dumpster, a two-hour meeting about...

  • Aug25Fri

    Great News!

    August 25, 2017
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    strategic planning


    After meeting 6 times for nearly 20 hours our strategic leadership team has completed the new strategic plan for 2018-2020. I personally am very excited about it and am simply amazed at how God was at work in each one of our meetings. Though we tackled some difficult things and were a very diverse group, there was a deep spirit of...

  • May2Tue

    Why Churches Plan

    May 2, 2017
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    strategic planning

    Can you believe it has already been nearly three years since we passed our first ever strategic plan? And who can deny how God has used it to help us become a stronger and healthier body of Christ? By God’s grace we have accomplished much for His name’s sake. However, the work is not done. First Baptist is far from perfect. But it is not about perfection. It is about direction and I am persuaded we are on the right direction.