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    God's All Sufficient Word

    January 29, 2016
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    This Sunday we will be halfway through our sermon series "Don't Waste Your Bible." This Sunday I will be preaching on the sufficiency of Scripture. In preparation for it I came across this gem from Spurgeon. It is powerful.
    If the revelation of God were not enough for our faith, what could we add to it? Who can answer this question? What would any man propose to add to the sacred Word? A moment’s thought would lead us to mock with derision the most attractive words of men if it were proposed to add them to the Word of God. The fabric would not be of one piece. Would you add rags to a royal garment? (See Luke 5:36.) Would you pile the filth of the streets in a king’s treasury? Would you join the pebbles of the seashore to the diamonds of Golconda?

    Anything more than what the Word of God sets before us, for us to believe and to preach as the life of men, seems utterly absurd to us; yet we confront a generation of preachers who are always wanting to discover a new motive power and a new gospel for their churches. The bedspread on their bed does not seem to be long enough, and they would gladly borrow a yard or two of fabric from the Unitarian, the agnostic, or even the atheist.
    Well, if there is any spiritual force or heavenward power to be found beyond that reported of in this Book, I think we can do without it; indeed, it must be such a sham that we are better without it. The Scriptures in their own sphere are like God in the universe, all-sufficient. In them is revealed all the light and power the mind of man can need in spiritual things. We hear of another motive power beyond that which lies in the Scriptures, but we believe such a force to be a pretentious nothing.
    A train is off the tracks or otherwise unable to proceed, and a break-down crew has arrived. Engines are brought to move the huge train. At first there seems to be no stir; the engine power is not enough. Listen! A small boy has the answer. He cries, "Father, if they do not have enough power, I will lend them my rocking horse to help them."

    We have had the offers of a considerable number of rocking horses of late. They have not accomplished much that I can see, but they promised much. I fear their effect has been for evil rather than good; they have moved the people to derision, and they have driven them out of the places of worship that once they were glad to crowd. The new toys have been exhibited, and the people, after seeing them a little, have moved on to other toyshops. These fine, new nothings have done no good, and they never will do any good while the world stands. The Word of God is quite sufficient to interest and bless the souls of men throughout all time, but novelties soon fail.

    "Surely," cries one, "we must add our own thoughts to God’s Word." My fellow believer, think by all means, but the thoughts of God are better than yours. You may shed fine thoughts, as trees in autumn cast their leaves; however, there is One who knows more about your thoughts than you do, and He thinks little of them. Is it not written, "The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity" (Ps. 94:11)?

    To liken our thoughts to the great thoughts of God would be a gross absurdity. Would you bring your candle to show the sun? Your nothingness to replenish the eternal all? It is better to be silent before the Lord than to dream of supplementing what He has spoken. The Word of the Lord is to the conceptions of men as a garden to a wilderness. Keep within the covers of the Sacred Book, and you are in the land that flows with milk and honey; why seek to add to it the desert sands?
    Try not to discard anything from the Sacred Volume. If you find it there, there let it stand. Let it be preached according to the analogy and proportion of faith. That which is worthy of God’s revealing is worthy of our preaching, and that is much too little for me to claim for it. "By every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live" (Deut. 8:3). "Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him" (Prov. 30:5).

    Let every revealed truth be brought forth in its own season. There is no need to go elsewhere for a subject to preach. With such infinity before you, there can be no need that you should do so; with such glorious truth to preach, it will be unjustifiable wickedness if you do.
    Spurgeon, R. C. H. (2000). Your Available Power (electronic ed., pp. 20–24). Escondito, CA: Ephesians Four Group.

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