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  • Jan16Mon

    Pray to End Abortion

    January 16, 2017 Pastor Andrew Manwarren
    I concluded yesterday's sermon "Life Abundant in a Culture of Death" with 4 actions we can take to end abortion. The first and most important one that I mentioned was prayer. Since abortion is not merely a political issue but a great spiritual battle we must give ourselves to prayer. But how do we pray concerning abortion? Here are some practical ways to pray for God to end abortion (adapted from
    1. Pray for mothers to love their children from the moment of conception and to have courage to face any challenges associated with their pregnancies. 
    2. Pray for fathers to commit to raising their children and caring for the mothers. 
    3. Pray for family members and friends of the parents to support the choice for life. 
    4. Pray for all who facilitate abortions (clinic workers, doctors and nurses, security guards and escorts) to see the error of their way and seek other employment. 
    5. Pray for all who have participated in abortions to repent and come to know, love, worship and follow Christ. 
    6. Pray for our elected leaders to put an end to abortion. 
    7. Pray for those who faithfully and sacrificially offer alternatives to abortion - pregnancy care centers, maternity homes, sidewalk counselors, etc. 
    8. Pray for couples to practice purity before marriage. 
    There you have it! Eight practical suggestions on how to pray to God concerning abortion! May He be merciful and change the hearts of our nation that calls good evil and evil good! 

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