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  • Apr11Tue

    Sunday Sermon Blooper and Leftovers: Worship

    April 11, 2017
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    Well it was bound to happen eventually. I am ashamed to admit it but I cannot avoid it. On Sunday morning I misspoke.

    Can you believe it?

    I wonder, did you catch it?

    My wife did! She graciously asked me for a clarification on geography. How dare she, right? Reality is I am glad she did. I clearly did not speak accurately and we are all to be checking and making sure that what the preacher says is true. If something I says doesn't correspond to Scripture, please don't hesitate to double check with me after the service!

    Now, back to my mistake. Remember what I said about John 4:4 that, geographically speaking, Jesus did not have to go through Samaria? That much was true and if that was all I said I wouldn't have to correct myself. But I went further. I said by going through Samaria he was going way out of his way. The truth is, he took the most direct route from Judea to Galilee. However, the normal route for most Jews (because they despised the Samaritans) ran up the east side of the Jordan river. But the good news is that my big point still stands. Though geographically I blundered, theologically I was right on and for that I thank God. While Jesus did not necessarily have to pass through Samaria geographically, he did, theologically speaking. The words "had to" (Greek - Dei) here indicate in John's Gospel God's will or plan. Jesus is on mission for God. He is seeking out true worshipers. His food was to do God's will and God's will for him was that he seek out the woman at the well and turn her into a true worshiper.

    So there you have it. I owned up to my mistake. And while we are at it I just let you in on another little secret. This is not my first mistake. Not even close and it won't be my last. Like I said before, as always check your Bibles when I am preaching. Make sure it is true and accurate. If you have questions just call me or e-mail me or drop by the office. I love to talk about the Bible with you!

    Now on to some sermon leftovers. Another clear implication of the text that I did not have time to dive into on Sunday, and which actually ties in directly with my blunder, is that just as Jesus sought out true worshipers we who believe should also seek out true worshipers! To see this implication, all you have to do is pick up where we left off on Sunday at John 4:27-38. Go ahead and read it. Jesus clearly says that more important to him than physical nourishment was the spiritual nourishment that came from doing the Father's will and advancing his work. That mission or spiritual nourishment involved bringing eternal life to people. It involved seeking out the lost. And Jesus clearly calls upon us in John 4:27-38 to be seeking true worshipers ourselves. So let me ask you, "Who are you seeking? Who are you pursuing? Who are you praying for God to save and with whom are you intentionally sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ?" At the end of the day, the greatest obstacle to evangelism is Christians who don't share the gospel.

    In Christian Love - Pastor Andrew Manwarren

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