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  • Oct13Tue

    The Confession of Fools

    October 13, 2015
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    Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance yet to get back to our new series I recently started called "Why Church." In fact, it doesn't look like I will until some time next week. However, to help hold us over, let me share with you this quote I have been chewing on that comes straight out of our growth group reading material:

    "It is both foolish and wicked to suppose that we will make much progress in sanctification if we isolate ourselves from the visible church. Indeed, it is commonplace to hear people declare that they don't need to unite with a church to be a Christian. They claim that their devotion is personal and private, not institutional or corporate. This is not the testimony of the great saints of history; it is the confession of fools." - R.C. Sproul

    How is that for some food for thought?

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