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  • May2Tue

    Why Churches Plan

    May 2, 2017
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    strategic planning

    Can you believe it has already been nearly three years since we passed our first ever strategic plan? And who can deny how God has used it to help us become a stronger and healthier body of Christ? By God’s grace we have accomplished much for His name’s sake. However, the work is not done. First Baptist is far from perfect. But it is not about perfection. It is about direction and I am persuaded we are on the right direction.

    Strategic planning is a key reason why we’re heading the right direction. It might not be the most exciting thing we do and it certainly is not the easiest, but it is clearly one of the most important. Why? Because when we make plans to spread God’s glory and humbly submit them to His will, we’re honoring our God’s methods. Think about it for a minute. The God of the universe made you in His image and likeness. Because of that unique position and calling we were simultaneously given privileges and responsibilities like no other aspect of God’s created world. Chimpanzees don’t build skyscrapers and fish don’t plan churches; only God’s image bearers do things like that. Why? Because we carry the imprint of a sovereign God who plans. When we make biblical plans, we’re showing the world a glimpse of what our Father in heaven is like so that they too can glorify Him. That’s why one of our priorities for 2017 is the development of a Three-Year Strategic Ministry Plan (2018-20).

    Over the next few months, we’re going to be forming a strategic leadership team, gathering input from the congregation through surveys, praying, and seeking God’s wisdom regarding the direction that He would have us go in the coming years.

    Proposed Schedule:

    1. Form the Strategic Leadership Team: Vital to strategic planning is the strategic leadership team (SLT). We can accomplish far more through the wisdom of a gifted and committed strategic team of staff and lay leaders than the pastor and deacons coming up with all the ideas and passing them on to the congregation for implementation. Moses certainly understood this as he wisely followed the counsel of Jethro and formed a team to work with him (Exod. 18:24-26). Jesus understood this as he recruited a team of disciples to be with and minister alongside him (Mark 3:13-14). And Paul understood the significance of a team as he led and ministered through numerous teams (Acts 11:22-30; 13:2-3, 5; 15:40; 16:1-3). The S.L.T is composed of church members whose presence we hope will generate congregational trust in the process because they know best the congregation – its traditions, culture, weaknesses, strengths and other vital planning information – and represent the core cross section of our church family ministry.
    2. Gathering Input from the congregation through surveys: It is our hope to have the survey available to you by mid-May. It is our prayer that every person attending our church will complete the survey. Your thoughts are very important to us. Each individual in ministry has a unique set of gifts, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas about the future.
    3. Planning: Our SLT will begin meeting every Wednesday (6-8:30pm) starting July 12th and hopefully wrap it all up no later than September 27th. This way it can be presented to the church early enough to allow time for questions, revisions and finalization by our annual meeting in January.
    4. Praying: Above all, we would encourage you to be in prayer for this planning process. Proverbs 16:3 states, “Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established.” It is our earnest desire that our efforts will be glorifying to God and that, as a result, many more people will come to know our Savior and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.


    Thank you in advance for your input and prayer.

    In Christ,

    Your Pastor and Deacons

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